The Bald Eagle

 By: Bryan Murphy

         The Bald Eagle is North America's Number one bird. The eagle is the most unique bird in North America. The Bald Eagle's  scientific name is the Halo or Haliaeetus leucocephalus. At one time the word bald didn't mean no hair, it meant White Headed. Bald Eagles are mostly found all over North America. From Alaska to Canada, to New Mexico. About 70,000 Bald Eagles live in Alaska. Combined with the British, Colom Bia's population of 20,000 in the North West. The Bald Eagle is the U.S.A.'s national bird and symbol. The Bald Eagle has many adaptations to help them everyday. The Bald Eagle's vision is very important. It helps them spot other eagles far away. Their beaks also help them. It helps them so they can eat and rip through the sharpest of prey. They have teeth inside their beaks so fish can't slip out. The Bald Eagle has a ring of bones around there eyes so they have a very serious look and it protects their eyes. Their sense of touch is also very helpful. It helps them capture their food better. Their talons help them too. Their talons help them catch prey and food. Their wings also help them. Since their wings are strong and fast, it helps them fly. Their wings are strong so Eagles can fight the wind. . Those are physical adapations. If they didn't have these adapations they probably would have not survived the wild. They need a lot of these adapations to eat and hunt.  Some animals that have the same adaptations as the eagles is the Osprey and the Hawk. They  hunt fish too.    

Authors Note:

  I think that The Bald Eagle Rocks!!! It is the coolest animal ever!!  Did you know that if we help and save the eagle we save a lot more animals? They are very imporatant to The U.S.A.


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