Hi! If you want to learn about the Black Footed Ferret then you've come to the right place! My animal is the black footed ferret.  The blackfooted ferret has dark fur surrounding it's eyes, like a mask.  Black footed ferrets hunt mostly at night.  The black footed ferret is an endangered species, that is also a member of the weasel family.  The black footed ferret diet consists of ground squirrels, small rodents, rabbits, and birds.  A black footed ferret mostly eats prairie dogs and it makes up 90% of food that they eat.  Black footed ferrets once were numbered in the 10,000's for population numbers.  Widespread destruction of their habitat and exotic diseases in the 1900's brought them to the edge of extinction.  In 1986 there were only 18 left,  but today they are making a comeback today at 750 in the wild and 250 in captive breeding.






The Black Footed Ferret has a special layer in it's eyes that magnifies moonlight so they can see at night.  They sleep most of the day and they hunt at night, so if it didn't have that special layer in it's eye they would have to change the way they live.  They also have black feet and have fur surrounding their eyes like a mask, that helps the blend in with the prairie ecosystem.  The black footed ferret has a lot of speed, wich helps it catch it's prey.  As you can see the black footed ferret is a very cool animal, so help save an endangered species!!!!!















Endangered: Not many left.

Species: Type of.

Magnifies: Sees closer.

Ecosystem: A place with life.

Captive: Living under human care.


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By: Robert Strain





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