The Chipmunk

                                                                       By Chloe Gaconnier

The chipmunk is an intresting animal.They are adapted  to woodlands, forests and other places with life and nature. It is adapted to the climate of damp and sunny. If you haven't noticed the chipmunk has thin fur because of its climate. They have to have thin fur or else they will get hot, suffocate, and then die. The chipmunk has white, brown, and black strips on their body. That is for hiding from dangerous predators that eat them. They blend into logs and bottoms of trees. Unlike other animals, the chipmunk has eyes on the side of its head.  That means the chipmunk can see behind him but can not make out if the thing in front of him is really close or super far. Some chipmunks live in holes in the centers of trees but some live on the top branches( not the very top) of trees. In the woodlands and forests threre are a lot of trees where chipmunk families can live. Unlike crabs and other animals, the do not have to fight for their own shelter. Chipmunks hibernate. In the cold winter, Chipmunks hibernate like bears,squirrels, and different kinds of wolfs. Like any other animal that hibernates, chipmunks spend most of the time in summer and fall gathering nuts and food for the long winter. Chipmunks are related to the squirrel family. The both have the same predators and eat the same things.

 Authors note: Chipmunks are really fun to learn about. They are really interesting too! Maybe you can learn about them on your own. - Chloe Gaconnier.

 Here are some pictures of real life chipmunks:


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