The Hippo 

By: Jon Virga

This is a pitcure of a Common Hippo.

Hippopotamus comes from the ancient Greek word "Hippopotamsos" wich means

"River Horse". Hippos have fat so that when they get into fights they don't get hurt. The

 adaptions of the hippo are more physical then behavior. If the hippo didn't have a lot of

 fat it would get hurt much more in fights. There are other adaptions for the Hippo like

 they have sharp teeth so they can scare off other hippos that might attack. Hippos

 also can swim very fast to make quick escapes from fights. Hippos will charge at you if

 you disturb them while there grazing. Some other animals in the hippos

 environment are the Black Rhino it has similer adaptions because they both roll in mud

 to cool itself down.

Fun Facts

 There are two types of Hippos The Pygmy Hippo and the Common Hippo for this I

wrote about the Common. Hippos can run as fast as a human if they need to. when

hippos eat they grab grass and swing there head side to side to pull the grass.


As you can see Hippos are a very cool animals! 

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