Black Rhinos


Robert Ziegler

                   The Black Rhino had to adapt to the weather in its enviorment and the bugs. Really hot and ticks and lice. It has to roll around in mud to kill ticks and lice and to keep cool. Rhinos also adapted to the ticks and lice by birds flying onto them and cleaning him if he gives them safety. The adaptions of the Black Rhino are more of their behavior then a physical part of them. If the mud was a part of them it could be a physical adaption or the birds grew on their backs. If the Black Rhino did not have theese adaptions the Black Rhino would probably die of the heat or lime disease.  Another animal that has similiar adaptions are the hippos. They get birds to clean their mouth if they give them safety they also sometimes roll in mud to keep cool.


 Fun Facts!!!

                 The Black Rhino is very aggressive. It will attack anyone or anything that goes in its territory. The Black Rhino is smaller than the White Rhino but it is still more agressive. Black Rhinos are also endangered. Black Rhinos can weigh up        to 3,000 lbs. They can grow to be 12 feet long. Black Rhinos will only attack if they feel like they're cornered and if you do make a Black Rhino angry he gets to be agressive and angry you would either die or get seriously injured, but it's really rare to have a rhino attack.

As you can see Black Rhinos are really cool.

Hope you liked it!!!

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