The Red Eye Tree Frog

by: Luke Hession

Red Eyed Treefrogs have bright red eyes and are a really bright color of green with blue and  yellow stripped sides. They also have funny looking orange toes. These are definitely one of the coolest species of frogs!  This animal  adaptation is due to them living in the Rainforest. It has sticky discs so that he can leap and climb among trees and leaves. They have soft skin so that they can absorb water. Some tree frogs can camouflage so it can hide from predators. Their limbs are long so they can jump and reach higher leaves or branches. It is a physical adaptation because it helps the tree frog reaches higher branches or leaves. If this tree frog didn't have the adaptation it woudn't be able to get off the ground,or it woudn't be able to get his food. Some other animals that have similar adaptations are the toad, poison dart frog, poison arrow frog or almost any other tree frog. Size: 1.5 to 2.75 in (4 to 7 cm.)  

Diet: The Red eye tree frog is a carnivore. Like most frogs Red eye tree frogs eat flys, moths, grasshoppers, crickets, and even other small frogs.

Habitat: The Red eye tree frog lives in Rainforests. The Red eye tree frog has Red eyes so it can see in the dark, and eat insects,and bugs.

Cool facts : The Red eye tree frog is also called the Red-Eyed leaf frog. The size of a tree frog is a cup of tea. It lives up to five years.  The people in the rainforest hurt the tree frog by cutting down trees. This hurts the animals by destroying their homes, and killing the bugs that they eat,and that are in the trees . STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES!!! We can help this animal by picking up garbage,and preserving the land. If possible try not to litter!

Authors Note: Tree frogs are one of the coolest animals ever!!!!


A book I used was called All about Tree frogs.

These guys are awsome!!!!!

Pictures of Red eye tree frogs. 

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