the poison dart frog 

by: michael steck

The poison dart frog lives in the amazon rainforests. The poison dart frog has a bright color to warn predators that it is one of the most poisonus animal. If they eat it, it wll kill them. The poison dart frog is a member in the dedrobatidae family. The poison dart frog's color can be yellow, gold, copper, red, green, blue, or black  

What does the poison dart frog have to adapt to

The poison dart frog lives in the rainforest so they have to adapt to humid rainy weather. They have to adapt to darkness (they live in the understory.)They also have to adapt to still, moist, hot air.

What does the poison dart frog have to help it adapt

The poison dart frog has webbed feet,  smooth, rubbery skin, strong back legs, eyes on the side of there head, bright colors, vocal cords that puff out. They also have small bodies, and blue and black spots to hold there poison.

Is the poison dart frogs adaptation a behavior or physical

The poison dart frogs adaptation is a behavior. The adaptation is a behavior because they have to adapt to it naturally or they will die by other predators. Another reason is if no poison dart frogs adapted to any climate as a behavior poison dart frogs might have been extinct.

Is there any animals with the same adaptation behavior as the poison dart frog

The animals with the same adaptaion behavior are the tomato frog and the poison arrow frog. Some other animals are the red eyed tree frog, and the brookyln dart frog.

If the poison dart frog didn't have these adaptations what would some of the problems be for it

  If the poison dart frog didn't have the adaptions there would most likely be no poison dart frogs left. The poison dart frogs problems would probably like they would have a tougher time with predators. They would be very hot. They would be hungry. They would also drown.

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