The Cheetah  by: Sarah Thalhammer


Speacial adaptations in the cheetahs envirement is its food the Gazelle , Hare , wild beasts , impalas , and calves.  The adaptations  are a physical part of the cheetah . It can run up to speeds as 70 miles per hour in three seconds the behavior  of a the cheetah  is  running. The only way the cheetah runs up to 70 miles per hour from its food . They  are fast because they have the slimest body  and the lightest bodythey also have  long legs which makes them run so fast they only run top speed for 3 10ths of a mile . They live in the savanna .The cheetah also adapts to its enviorment by blending in with its enviorment. The cheetah looks like its wearing sunglasses the black lines around its head  makes them look like thier wearing sunglasses The black lines bock out sunlight that hurts the cheetahs eyes. The Cheetah  hunts during the day . Their ears can hear any sound and their eyes spy any movement. Their spots blend into stripes. The cheetah envior ment is being cut down . If the grass is being cut down the cheetah can be seen by its prey and the cheetah can not get its food. Its predors can hunt  down the cheetah and kill ithemm if they cut down the large rolling grass of the savanna now the cheetah is endangered 12,000 remain . The cheetah has large lungs and and a powerful heart to make it run fast .


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