The White Tailed Deer 


By Mark Doucet 

My animal is called the White Tailed DeerThe White Tailed Deer is found in the forests in North America, some parts in southern Canada, and some parts in South America. An adult male usually weighs up to 300 pounds. A female deer can weigh up to 125 pounds. The average height for a White Tailed Deer is 3.5 feet high. Sometimes the White Tailed Deer can be up to twenty years old, but usually ten years old.  People are one of the deer's enemy. They are called the by their name because of their tail. When the tail is down, the deer is calm. But when it goes up, it censes danger. It stamps it's hooves to let the other deer know there is danger.  They eat leaves, twigs, shrubs, and grasses starting early in the morning. In the winter, the coat helps protect itself the cold. 


Authors note: The white tailed deer is a interesting animal. I had fun learning about it. 

 Fun Facts!!!

  • The male is called a Buck, and the female is called a Doe
  • They can equally adapt themselfs to life
  • They are mosly found in Canada and the United States
  • The coat is reddish-brown in the spring.


I hoped you liked my presentation!




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