The Capuchin Monkey

By: Drew Geffner                                                     

The name of my monkey is the Capuchin monkey, also known as the white faced monkey it gets that name because of course it has a white face.  Its appearance is very small they are only 15 - 20 pounds and are about twenty-30 feet tall.  They live on the coast of Costa Rico and Africa and Asia.  They live there because there is mostly warm weather there and that is one of there adaptations.  In the next few paragraphs it tells you about the capuchin monkey adaptation.

Some of the adaptations that the capuchin monkeys are the one I told you, they live in warm places so they don't freeze to death.  Another one is that they are primates which means they have the same abilities as humans, so for example if a monkey was getting attacked by a predator it would know a way to defend ts self so it doesn't  get injured  or eaten.  Another adaption is that they spend their whole day searching for food so that they don't starve or have to search at night to make it harder.  They also sleep in trees; they do that so that they don't get attacked by predators because they don't sleep in trees




There aren’t only habitat adaptations they also have behavior adaptations also such as mating, but monkeys don't mate, they really don't have any behavior adaptations.  They don't have any common behaviors, but one of them is that when ever they break the branches and then they throw them because like I said they are primates, so they have the same abilities as humans.  Other times they get scared they sometimes howl and they send out messages.  They also do the same stuff as humans so they are nice to you if you try to play with them.


If monkeys didn't have these adoptions most of them wouldn't make it through there whole life.  They probably could live, but they wouldn't live as long and they would usually would get sick.  If they weren’t primates, didn't live in warm weather, if they didn't search for food all day it would make it harder to live.


Other related animals are apes, chimpanzees and even no these aren’t animals humans are related to the monkey families because humans and monkeys are both primates.


In my opinion Capuchin monkeys ROCK!!! Because there related to humans.

Capuchin Monkey Facts:

- They are New World Monkeys

-They live on the Coast of Costa Rico, Africa and Asia

-They also could live in Central America

-They are also Known as White Faced Monkeys because they're faces through they’re chests are white

-They live in groups of 6 to 40 members





A book about monkeys and apes


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